For sled dogs autumn is the time for a training and preparing to the winter season. In the fall training sled dogs usual running with cart or ATV. I train only with a ATV, because we have to cross the train track. ATV gives absolute control over sled dog team. Team should be in control, when 16 headless sled dogs runs. Running is sled dog's main passion, second one is the food;). In the fall training trail you can meet scooter boys, log truck, harvesting machine or loose running dog.

Until the beginning of November I was training the racing team and the yearling team. After that I only focusing on the racing team, because I training the dogs myself. So I have no time to train yearling team any more. Yearlings get more time at the spring when racing team is mainly resting. November was a pretty dark time considering training. We got snow at the beginning of Novemberg, but then came the warm period. Melting snow becoming thin ice layer at the surface of the roads. Icy roads are dangerous for sled dogs.

I hope that in the December is no negative surprises with the weather. The time shows how big negative impact is long training pause.

At the spring was the Ruunaa Race sled dog race. I shooted last day's run with my Contour HD videocamera. Clips have waited on my computer and finally I made little videoclip of our two hour race run. We were fourth on the race. The First day was disapointed, I lost over ten minutes compare to third place. Second and third day I catched five minutes per day, but result was fourth place. Positive thing was that the rookies were very promising.


Eastpoint Open and Finnmarksløpet 2013

The next season we are aiming participate in two long distance races. The first is the LD SOC Eastpoint Open and second one is the Finnmarksløpet. Plenty of challenge for the next season, especially Finnmarksløp on limited eight dog class is the big challenge.

Eastpoint Open is in the middle of February on the Ruunaa wilderness. The distance of race is 300 km. We are registered for unlimited class which is the best option for the big men. Eastpoint Open is the Scandinavian Open Championships race on the season 2013. The timing of the competition is the middle of winter, when condintions are best for mushing in the eastern Finland.

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